About Us

The Project J Marketing Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing business owners about the top internet marketing companies that they can trust and work with. We remove the risk of hiring the wrong agency by making a complete company audit. We take the standards to a whole nother level. If you find a company on our site, then be confident that we have confirmed their credentials.

In order to get featured on our site, we look at the agencies trustiness, awards, badges, reputation, reviews, case studies and verified company information.

As a nonprofit, we don’t accept money from companies that wish to get listed on our site. We base our decisions solely on the criterias and high standards that we set.

Founded in 2010, we originally wanted to be a review site for advertising agencies, but as we soon learned, reviews can be easily manipulated. That’s why we make real live manual evaluations that consider the big picture. We don’t just rely on case studies or reviews; we make a complete audit

Our Goals:
We strive to provide small business owners a reliable source to find reputable and trustworthy marketing firms to work with while being confident in their service. We occasionally update our listings and make routine checks on current featured agencies to maintain our high standards.

When you browse our site for reliable companies, you are not just browsing a random list. You will be viewing a list of top agencies that have been examined and analyzed in every way possible. The only list that presents real business partners that you can work with for years to come. They are guaranteed to be reliable, resourceful, provide excellent service, and deliver services as promised.

As a non-profit organization, we do not take or accept payments from these companies to be listed on our site. Although they will normally contact us to be featured, we only accept a handful of the top marketing firms that pass our test. No other website is dedicated to providing an extreme level of analysis when providing consumers and business owners with a proven list of B2B experts you can trust.