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Welcome to Project J, where we constantly review internet marketing companies and advertising agencies solely based on the quality of service and the results they achieved. The top companies will get featured on our site and will get a badge to show that they meet all the high standards set out by us.

What Do We look For in Marketing Companies?

Having marketing consultants on our team with decades of combined experience, we know what makes a great company. Therefore, we have set very strict and specific requirements that must be met to get an official review from us and get listed on our site.

Just some of the criterias needed to get featured on our list:

  • Must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In other words, what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Pricing must be honest and accurate. Are you over charging or are your prices accurate.
  • The number of years your company has been operating.
  • Case studies and reviews to backup your results and achievements.
  • Awards, Badges and Associations you have achieved.
  • Qualifications and certificates.
  • The number of marketing experts, specialists or consultants in your company.
  • The total number of complaints and disputes, and how many of them are resolved.

With such strict standards, we are one of the few non-profit marketing associations that feature marketing agencies based on actual results. We do not get paid by the companies that we review or receive any compensation in any way. We are purely a nonprofit organization that was started to help business owners find the right company to work with by researching from our review list.

Do You Qualify?

If you’re an established internet marketing company or advertising agency and you believe that you meet the criteria stated above, then please use our contact form to reach out to us. Someone will get in touch with you shortly to evaluate your company information. Please be prepared to verify business information, case studies, customer feedback, and any awards, associations or accreditations.

After we analyze your information, we will contact you and give you a rating based on everything you provided about your company. Scores are rated from 1 to 10. Anything above an 8 will land you a spot on our site. Anything below 8 means you don’t meet all of our guidelines.

Review: Top Internet Marketing Companies

Below our top 5 list of the best online advertising firms who have been reviewed by us and have met the high standards as outlined above.

*PLEASE NOTE: All logos are the sole property of their rightful owners.

1. SEO Web Designers


SEO Web is an SEO company in New York City. They have 4 total locations, with offices in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Texas and their main headquarters in NYC. Established in 2008, they originally started as a single man in-house SEO consultant and quickly grew from a small one room office to a successfully striving leader in search engine optimization and web design with multiple locations.

SEO Web Designers is rated one of the best SEO & web development agencies in NYC due to the overall score and outstanding track record. They only had 4 customer complaints over the course of 2 years (which has been resolved). Now that is outstanding considering that they worked with hundred’s of clients each year.

Overall Score: 9.8
Main Specialty: SEO & Web Design
Year Established: 2008
Associations: BBB, Pubcon, SMX

2. Internet Marketing Inc

Internet Marketing Inc is a leading online marketing company specializing in They are one of the fastest growing full-service marketing firms in the country with offices in Las Vegas and San Diego.  They have a team of experts that are more sophisticated than the average company. It’s no wonder that their clients include mega-corporations such as the Hilton Hotel, MasterCard, Ambit Energy, Palms Casino, and even the U.S. Army. With their intriguing portfolio and proven track record, they make the number 2 spot on our list.

Overall Score: 9.7
Main Specialty: Earned Media, Paid Media, Owned Media
Year Established: 2008
Associations: Inc 500, BBB, Fastest 100, Forbes

3. Internet Marketing Ninjas

One of the oldest marketing and SEO companies in existence, Internet Marketing Ninjas was founded in 1999 and continues to grow and provide unbeatable services to clients abroad. Although they specialize in link building and SEO, they also offer an array of other services.  Ranging from website development to PPC advertising, they have scaled their business from a one-man- gang to a full-throttle firm with over 100 employees. Their CEO, Jim Boykin has been featured on stage with some of the world’s leading experts in major conference events such as PubCon, Search Marketing Expo, and ClickZ.

Overall Score: 9.6
Main Specialty: SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Web Design
Year Established: 1999
Associations: American Marketing Association, Internet Marketers of New York, BBB

4. Link Building Pros

linkbuildingpros-logoJust as their name goes, Link Building Pros are a highly specialized team of back-linking professionals that have aggressively proven to deliver results at unprecedented levels when it comes to search engine ranks. Hiring them means all you have to do is provide your keyword list then just sit back and relax. They will get you ranked even for the most competitive terms. With their unique ability and expertise, their service does come with a hefty cost. It’s up to you to decide if the rank you want is worth the price.

Overall Score: 9.5
Main Specialty: Link Building, SEO
Year Established: 2007
Associations: BBB, TopTenReviews, D&B

5. Vertical Measures

Vertical Measures, unlike the countless companies out there, they rely on an 8 step proven systematic process that they implement in every campaign. Every campaign they take on is fully customized and tailored towards the client’s needs. They are always working on improving their services and the 8 step process for better results every time. The CEO, Arnie Kuenn, consistently travels the country and the world to join major marketing events so that his agency is always up to date and ahead of the competition. If anyone were to get a first place award for being rapidly adaptive in their marketing strategies, it would be Vertical Measures.

Overall Score: 9.5
Main Specialty: Content Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Link Earning
Year Established: 2005
Associations: Content Marketing World, PubCon, SMX